Impressions Computers employs collegiate trained, field experienced, nationally certified technicians to:

Remedy client computing problems - hardware and software.

Hardware failures are a pain that can cost businesses and households income and opportunities. We know computers well and we know how to get your machines back up and performing as quickly as possible. Software failures can result from malware incursions, virus infections, or just plain old application failures. Our technicians have pretty much seen it all. They are your best bet if your software gets confused.

Design and implement local area networks for homes and businesses.

These days most businesses and many homes need a network to connect and integrate their computers. Impressions technicians are nationally certified and field experienced in dealing with internet connections via various internet service providers. Beyond internet connectivity we can design, secure, and maintain communications between your local machines to accommodate your personal software requirements.

Design and implement virtual and wireless private networks.

Wireless networks and Virutal private networks (VPNs) can complement and extend new or existing networks. Do you ever take your work home and find yourself needing a file or an email address that is stored on your work computer? Do you have a computer in your barn that you want connected to the one in your house? Our technicians can get you up and running.

Design, illustrate, program and launch custom websites.

Our in-house website manager is an accomplished digital artist and a skilled graphic design professional. If you have wanted a website for yourself, your hobby, or your business, use Impressions as your one-stop shop.

Build custom servers from the board level.

Servers are computers that handle special input, output, access and storage demands. Most servers run expanded operating systems to handle these demands. Installing those operating systems on standard commercial computers can be a costly mistake. Our technicians can custom design and personally assemble servers to suit your needs.

Build and maintain client computers.

Impressions can custom build your computer from the board level. We prefer to recommend commercial brand computers because building part by part and at low volume is costly. We watch the industry closely and advise our customers as we would our families. If no commercial machines are reliable enough – let us build your machine from the motherboard up.

In short, we provide hardware and software needs for corporate and private customers who require exceptionally stable machine function and who may need “in-person, on site” maintenance with their personal or corporate network and internet computing.